Route description with photos

Although the hotel is to be found by following the famous fork & spoon and bed-sign, we like to help you make it even easier to get to our place by showing you photos of the signs that are momentarilly in place in Folldal.

Beware: not all car navigation systems automatically show the easiest route!

Our hotel can only be reached by a short unpaved gravel road that is always easy to drive (even most of the time in winter).

The following route descriptions will help you find the hotel by showing you the last part of your trip.

From the west (and north: Trondheim)
Click here for the route from the west via Hjerkinn (route 29).

From the east (and north: Røros)
Click here for the route from the east via Alvdal (route 29).

From the south
Click here for the route from the south (Ringebu or Atna) via route 27 (very scenic!)

Storhøseter, N-2580 Folldal, Norway.
Our GPS Coördinates:
N 62.14620 by E 10.02660

Click here for details on Google Maps.