We try to make your stay as comfortable as you like. According to the reviews in our guestbook, we often exceed your expectations. We like to believe this is due to our hospitality, but we think that the unique place where Folldal Fjellhotel is located, also helps a little.

Here are some examples:

"I came to Scandinavia in search for peaceful, quiet and beautiful landscapes. I wanted to get away from the stress and crazyness of every-day business life. This place was the perfect place to relax and here I found everything I was looking for in Scandinavia - and more!"

a lot of guestbooks...

...with a lot of warm compliments

"I have heared many stories about this hotel and wanted to come to the mountains of Norway for years. It has been a beautiful visit and I don't want to go home!"

"Thank you for your warm hospitality. Real personal! We feel at home here. And the food was delicious."

"Spectacular views from the hotel!"

"The best dinner we have ever had!"